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University of Florida - IFAS

General Information


Job title: Program Extension Agent I - Family and Consumer Sciences (EFNEP)
Job location: West Palm Beach, FL 33415 United States
Requisition code: 0903446
Date posted: 07/12/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Commensurate with Education and Experience

Job Classification

Job Category:Other

Job Description

Job description:
The Program Extension Agent will be the county-level EFNEP Supervisor and is responsible for the operation of the EFNEP within the county, including Program Assistant (PA) hiring, training and management; program implementation; participant and agency recruitment; and program evaluation and reporting.

Supervisors are expected to provide ongoing training for PAs in their unit. Training at a minimum is offered every 2 weeks and includes topics such as educational approaches, nutrition updates, curriculum, or other items as needed. A part of mentoring PAs is observing and evaluating teaching and providing feedback and assistance. It is expected that a supervisor will observe each PA a minimum of once per quarter.

Supervisors are responsible for all programmatic administration, including verifying PA timecards, travel, and activity reports for accuracy. All reports are expected to be completed and submitted in a timely manner to the state office.

Supervisors assist PAs with locating appropriate agencies and providing entry into the facility. Supervisors and PAs work collaboratively to schedule programs at each location. Supervisors are also responsible for developing and maintaining community partnerships that work collaboratively to improve the nutritional health of the EFNEP audience, including through environmental change and enhancing policy.

The Agent may assume other responsibilities as assigned by County Extension Director or Program Leader as long as such duties do not violate program funding for allowable activities.

Other major responsibilities of the EFNEP Supervisor include:

A. Planning

1. Plans with administrators, District Extension Director and/or County Extension Director, State EFNEP Coordinator, Specialists, County Extension Program Leader and EFNEP Program Assistants in reaching goals and objectives of the program.

2. Plans with the PAs and Program Leader to recruit adult clients to EFNEP.

3. Plans with an extension advisory committee to identify food, nutrition, and physical activity needs and concerns of adults and to determine how community programs can coordinate with EFNEP to help adults.

4. Plans with PAs and volunteers for the effective use of time and resources in carrying out their responsibilities. Uses a systematic approach to identify external/internal material resources.

5. Plans regularly with the county extension faculty and staff to insure their understanding of and involvement in EFNEP. Meets with advisory committee to report progress and enlist their assistance as needed.

6. Develops plans with county extension faculty to inform the general public and other audiences of EFNEP regarding the needs and progress of adults and volunteers.

7. Plans with the local county Extension Program Leader to provide opportunities for adults and volunteers to expand their learning opportunities by participating in other county extension programs.

B. Program Implementation

1. Recruits, employs, trains, and supervises EFNEP PAs.

2. Teaches PAs nutrition, food resource management, sanitation, food safety, recruiting techniques, character development techniques, and related subject matter, including physical activity, using appropriate teaching methods.

3. Prepares PAs to reach adults and volunteers.

4. Guides PAs in using appropriate curricula for adults.

5. Works with advisory committee, extension agents, local clubs, civic and faith-based organizations, and schools to identify potential staff for employment and potential adult clients.

6. Identifies members for the advisory committee to assure all appropriate agencies are represented. Committee members receive information on resources available to low-income individuals and families.

7. Supervises recruitment and teaching of adults from target areas through visiting organizations and schools and through periodic visits to classes.

8. Develops and disseminates information brochures to continue the nutrition education of the target groups.

9. Uses mass media to reach the target audience and to support teaching efforts.

10. Keeps records and performs other duties necessary to keep the program operating effectively.

11. Involves County Extension Director, State EFNEP Coordinator, extension specialists, county Extension Program Leader and others as needed in conducting EFNEP.

12. Provides opportunities for leadership development to PAs.

C. Evaluation

1. Collects evaluation data on participants as required by the federal office and as directed by the EFNEP State Nutrition Education Coordinator.

2. Uses evaluation results to improve programming and to suggest operational changes in the program.

3. Evaluates EFNEP PAs as a means of improving performance.

D. Reporting

1. Prepares factual annual and special reports to show results of planning, program accomplishments, and changes in PAs, adult participants, and volunteers using the UF/IFAS Extension reporting system and processes in place by the EFNEP State office.

2. Reports program results to extension administrators, the general public, advisory committee, extension groups, and interested agencies and organizations through information days, achievement events, letters, personal contacts, or specially prepared materials.

3. Uses an established system for maintaining records for reporting purposes.

E. Other

1. Keeps current on UF/IFAS Extension policy, research reports, and publications that are applicable to program responsibilities and position description.

2. Conducts annual performance review every March with each EFNEP PA whom the EFNEP Supervisor is assigned to supervise.

3. Prepares weekly and monthly plans for teaching. Compares teaching schedule with activity reports for each PA at least twice a month to identify and address issues with scheduling and retaining participants.

4. Participates in formal and informal training opportunities to increase knowledge and skills and keeps up-to-date on technical advances.

5. Works under the direct supervision of the appropriate county Extension Program Leader and has adequate authorization to perform delegated duties pertaining to the successful planning, implementing, and evaluation of the EFNEP and related areas.

6. Works with state EFNEP Coordinator to ensure program planning, implementation, evaluation, and reporting that is consistent with federal EFNEP guidelines.

7. Maintains good relations with all extension clients.

8. Operates within the budget and fiscal management guidelines for salaries,
travel, and expenses for EFNEP.

The University of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Institution dedicated to building a broadly diverse and inclusive faculty and staff.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
A Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences, or related field of study is required. Strong supervisory and management experience is desired. The agent must have good knowledge of nutrition, community-based programming, and adult learning educational principles. The successful candidate must demonstrate ability to work with community agencies and groups in collaborations and partnerships, and develop good media relations.
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